Investment Process

Investment Process

Our Investment Process

You are the most essential resource in the investment process. We invest your funds only in investments that fit within your tolerance for financial risk so that you can be at ease during all market and economic cycles. 

Discovery Meeting

When you are interested in becoming a client, we will schedule a Discovery Meeting. The purpose of this meeting is for us to describe our firm and processes and to learn more about the financial guidance you are seeking. You will get the opportunity to learn about our firm while we get the opportunity to learn about you and your finances. 

This meeting is an opportunity for you to ask questions and gain an understanding of what to expect as a client of our firm. We will offer guidance on your financial goals. 

The Discovery Meeting is absolutely free. Contact us today to schedule time. 

Establishing Your Client Profile

The first step in becoming a client is completing our Client Profile and Financial Fact Finder. We want to know: 1) Who you are, 2) What you spend, 3) What you earn, 4) What assets you have, 5) How your assets are protected, and 6) How you would like to distribute your assets upon your death. 

Risk Tolerance

Again, you are the most essential resource in our investment process. We use a tool to help us and you understand the types of investments you should be invested in based on your tolerance for financial risk. By investing within your financial risk tolerance, you should be able to feel comfortable and at ease with market and economic cycles. 

We routinely update your financial risk tolerance to best match your current financial situation. 

Asset Management Agreement

This agreement governs the relationship between the firm and you as a client. It describes what services we will provide for you, how we will provide those services, and what we will change in fees for the services. 

Monitoring Your Investments

We will actively monitor your investments and make any necessary adjustments to keep your investments in good standing within your financial risk tolerance and benefiting your financial plan. 

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