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Monthly Articles

Investors Beware: The Media Noise can be Deafening

Most people would argue that living in a digital world has made us smarter and more self-empowered than past generations. Investors come with the belief that technologic innovations have “leveled the playing field”, enabling them to make investment decisions based on the same information once only available to the investment pros.

The Keys to Building Financial Succes


Mutual Funds: Are You Missing the Mark?

As the stock market resurgence continues, investors are paying attention to the performance benchmarks of their mutual funds. These pooled funds are normally drawn out to see if they are drawing every ounce of gains that normally be produced  for them over the last couple of years.

How to Protect Yourself from a Stock Market Crash?

With every North, there is a South. With every Summer, there is a Winter. And of course -- with every Upside, there certainly is a Down. So how does one prepare themselves for when the down times hit, and hit hard? 

How to Choose the Right Investment Advisor

With a wide array of investment and personal finance website tools available to you, an investor is likely to have access to hundreds of resources and calculators that were once only available to the Wall Street professionals. And with this ability, comes the self-research and self-direction needed in the ever expanding world of investments.

How Much Money Do You Need to Retire?

Let's imagine you're wasting time on a Saturday afternoon and you stumble upon a neighborhood yard sale. Digging through your neighbors old bowling trophies and workout DVDs, you find the answer to your prayers - a crystal ball. Now, do you tell your neighbor that they misplaced it?

How Confirmation Bias Could be Hurting your Investment Performance

Have you made up your mind on just about everything, even before you know what it is? For instance, when you meet someone, is your opinion of the person formed from the first impression? Or, when you hear a political argument from the other side, is your mind opened or closed? Are you able to concede the “good points” the other side make, or do you dismiss the whole argument?

Planning for Long Term Care

As we age, the odds of receiving an injury or major illness that prevents us from performing simple daily functions increase as well. Today, one in three people over the age of 65 will require assisted care of some sort. Past age 75 the odds increase to where one in two will need nursing care.

Saving Versus Paying Off Debt

"Should I keep saving or should I pay off my debt?"

Are Alternative Investments Right For Your Portfolio?

Are Alternative Investments Right For Your Portfolio?

In recent years it would be difficult to read any financial newspaper or website without seeing headlines about “alternative investments”. This term is rarely defined by media accounts but seems to encompass hedge funds, private equity, infrastructure investments, as well as real estate.

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